More than just a simple “Happy Mother’s Day”, I’d like to acknowledge all the women out there. I had the honor to be by the side of some of you during your journey into motherhood. I held your hands, I wiped your sweat, and shared tears of joy with you. I watched you face your biggest fears, overcoming the biggest pains, running this extra mile when you said you couldn’t do it. I witnessed you making decisions that were not part of your original “life plan’. I saw your naked body and your naked soul. You were so vulnerable but also stronger than you’ve never been before. I witnessed your inner struggles, tears, and frustrations into conception, loss, postpartum depression and sickness. I saw you turning into this incredible Goddess of courage and love.

I see you everyday battling to protect your children, feeling their greatest joys and their greatest pains. I see you every day, incredible women caring, loving, protecting and fighting for your little ones, regardless they are still just in your mind, in your womb, newborns, 24 year-old, or 50! It doesn’t matter how you got to motherhood; birth, adoption, surrogacy, step-family, fertility treatment. Motherhood doesn’t know any political parties, laws, religions or discrimination. And yes, motherhood is hard …but I see love, a lot of love, so much love.

My “maman” has never allowed me to buy her presents for Mother’s Day and I expect the same from my children. We don’t need to have a special day when we all know that deep inside the love for our children is all we need.

With all my love to my “maman” and my children