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Avoid the Baby Blues –  Traditional Chinese Medicine

Placenta encapsulation: Turning your placenta into easy tablets to swallow. Consequently new mothers have easy to consume tablets, as a supplement during the first weeks of your postpartum period.

I became a professional Placenta Encapsulation Specialist after learning of it’s many benefits and how it could also have helped some of the families she’d watched struggle with their postpartum recovery over the years.

Why: Practiced for centuries as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to treat postpartum hormone imbalances and to aid in the relief of fatigue and lactation issues in new mothers.

  • Balance hormones (using your own hormones, reintroduce back in your system)
  • Enhance milk production
  • Lessen postpartum bleeding
  • Increase energy (replenish your system with the iron-rich placenta)
  • Fewer emotional postpartum swings and issues (baby blues and postpartum depression)

80 percent of all new moms experience the Baby Blues


  • Odile has been trained by PBi (Placenta Benefits) and follow the Traditional Chinese Medicine method, technique and practices.
  • During this two days process (4 hours total) the placenta is steamed, dried, powdered and capsule (average of 130 pills).
  • Your placenta never leaves your home – Odile brings the equipment and she leaves your kitchen spotless!
  • In addition, Odile offers a follow up within a week (phone call, text or email)
  • Fee: $275 <style=”font-weight: bold;”>(driving fee may applied): 80 to 140 capsules, instructions, a free broth                       and a free keepsake
              $25 placenta tincture (see below)
              $40 placent print art (2-3 prints)
    Services might be reimbursed by your FSA- Payment plans and gift certificates available) 
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Testimonials: Odile made the encapsulation process so easy. From initial communication to paperwork to the actual in home visits, everything went smoothly. She was able to bring all of her own supplies and left my kitchen cleaner than she found it. Odile thoroughly explained her process and how to utilize the capsules. The encapsulation was perfect and all Odile was required to do but she was so much more.The first few days home from the hospital I was emotionally and physically exhausted. Odile found me in tears and at a loss for what to do. Odile immediately fixed me some tea, made sure I ate, and helped me set a plan in motion to make the next few days easier. I don’t know what I would have done without her those first few days. Therefore, I can’t speak highly enough about Odile as a professional and a person. I feel truly lucky to have met her.
S.C. Columbia, MD


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Thank you for everything. The pills are fantastic – very invigorating.  Hope to see you for next baby.
K.R. Baltimore, MD

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What is placenta tincture?

The tincture can be used in addition after your placenta pills are gone. A small piece of the ground dehydrated placenta is tinctured in a high grade alcohol. For that reason, it can be used in any time of transition, or emotional challenges for both mother and child.

As a result, our professional capsules services are most beneficial in the postpartum weeks because they warm up and balance back the body, the tincture is most useful in the months and years to come.

What is placenta print art?

Honoring your baby placenta! A placenta print is using your baby’s placenta to make a print on paper as a keepsake. They are printed with the natural placenta blood, or/and natural food coloring on acid-free artists paper.  Some families frame them and display their prints as art or others choose to save them as personal keepsakes.

Placenta Print Art

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