Baltimore doula birth story new parents and their newborn

Listen to Sarah’s birth story, featuring doula Odile Penet

>>Sarah’s birth story on the Birth Hour podcast
Sarah got pregnant very quickly with her daughter Savannah- so quickly it ended up being a shock even though it was planned.

Sarah had an easy pregnancy physically, but experienced significant challenges and upheaval in her life during her pregnancy, and did not generally enjoy being pregnant. Sarah was terrified of giving birth but still planned an intervention free hospital birth with her midwives and doula.


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Natural pain management: Self-hypnosis for childbirth

This is a very informative podcast about hypnosis and labor pain management.  Learn the facts and myths.
Knowledge is power.  Learn how to let go of fears, anxiety, tensions and release pain.

In addition, studies and researches show that it’s a efficient comfort technique.  As a result, women never loses control when in hypnosis during childbirth.

What is hypnosis and how does it work? Did you know it’s also beneficial for an healthy pregnancy?

Self-hypnosis for pain management, with Julietta Appleton

Most of all, “Mind+Body Birth is a unique, science-based system of birth hypnosis and childbirth education designed to help pregnant women achieve a calm, empowered birth. The perception of birth is reframed using specific, proven techniques which melt away negative thoughts and anxiety. The mind can refocus, and the body can follow its cellular wisdom to give birth.” Julietta Appleton – Check out her website at Click here

This is not a Hypnobirthing class. Our self-hypnosis for childbirth class is based on self-hypnosis and promote confidence.

an OBi TENS unit and its instructions booklet

TENS is a safe non-drug method of pain control for labor

TENS Unit: Gate Pain Theory – Increase the endorphins level – Women’s satisfaction (sense of control)

The use of TENS unit during labor is highly and commonly used in European countries (mostly in the U.K) as a comfort measure during labor.

Women report that the unit provides focus and distraction and that it’s more effective it they start to use their TENS unit during early labor as it increased the endorphin level in their body.


– TENS is handheld battery-operated device generates the electrical impulses and transmits them via stimulating pads.
– Mild electrical impulses are transmitted through the skin
– Easy to use comfort measure
– Change the conscious message (pain) from the brain and reduces awareness of pain
– “Obstetric-type unit” is different than the unit use by chiropractor and PT
– Very simple to use and it’s specially design for laboring women
– Allow ambulation and movement


– Reduce of labor pain (When used on high frequency, the TENS unit, selectively stimulates certain non-pain-transmitting nerve fibers to send signals to the brain that override other nerve signals carrying pain messages. When used on low frequency, the  unit stimulates the production of endorphins, by activated opioid receptors)
– Increases endorphin level
– Postpone or avoid of request of epidural
– Continued active participation by the woman
– Less medical interventions
– Especially effective for back pain (but not only) and prolonged painful pre labor (prodromal labor)
– No loss of other sensations or contraction pain
– Continued active participation by woman
– Freedom to walk and move
– No decrease of mental function
– Fewer babies in to NICU


– The woman controls the stimulation
– None known side effects
– No reported harm to mother or baby
– Safe to use with external monitor (including wireless) – Can possibly interferes with an IUPC (lack of studies)


– Do not use before full term (38-40 weeks)
– Pacemaker
– Epilepsy or seizures disorder
– Skin rash on your back
– Cannot be used in the water (hydrotherapy)


TENS provides a safe and potentially helpful non-pharmacologic option to relieve labor pain


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– Odile Penet is DONA International certified in using the TENS in labor –
– Rental option available –

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My Birth Companion, LLC is in the Top 20 Best Doulas of Baltimore (Birth Doula Services)

Doula, childbirth class, placenta encapsulation services in Baltimore and the surrounding counties.

Reputation – Credibility – Professionalism – Experience – Availability

In the article  Best Doulas of Baltimore posted in June 2017, find the list of the 20 best doulas in Baltimore, MD.

Doulas businesses selected on their reputation, credibility, professionalism, experience and availability.  As a result, My Birth Companion, LLC is proudly listed among this list.

What is a Doula?

A professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support families before, during and just after birth for expecting and new parents. Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily.

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White and black picture of a person using a laptop has posted this wonderful video on 7 easy exercises during pregnancy that will help you to achieve an optimal fetal position Watch the video here

As a birth doula and a childbirth educator in Baltimore, MD and Washington DC, I highly recommend exercises during your pregnancy (Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care)

White and black picture of a mother breastfeeding her baby

Hand Expression of Breastmilk – Educational video posted by the Stanford School of Medicine.  Watch video

“Until recently hand expression of milk (for breastfeeding mothers) has been an under-utilized skill in our institution. But there are many benefits of knowing how to express milk from the breast without the use of expensive or cumbersome pumps. In this video, Dr. Jane Morton demonstrates how easily hand expression can be taught to mothers”

In Conclusion please visit their website and find more information for breastfeeding families.

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Doula Childbirth Classes & Placenta Encapsulation
Baltimore, MD Annapolis, MD Washington D.C.

Acupuncturists (Specialized in childbirth)
Kathy Crosland – Towson, MD

Hyeon-Jin Kwon – Towson, MD
Laura Potts – Towson, MD
Leslie Lloyd–  Towson, MD
Tiffany Houchins, Baltimore, MD
Laura Parks, Timonium, MD
Laura Coleson-Schreur   Baltimore, MD
Samina Moiduddin – Washington, DC
Nikki Richman – Bethesda, MD
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine – Washington, DC
Devorah Joy Walder – Silver Spring, MD
Black Sheep Acupuncture  Community Acupuncture, White Marsh, MD
Meadow Hill Wellness Annapolis, MD
Dr. Cheng – Ellicott City, MD, and Baltimore, MD
Charlyn Santiago Ellicott City, MD

Baby-Wearing Specialist
Austin Rees – Baltimore, MD

Barre Classes
Barre Prenatal Modifications Batlimore, MD

Chiropractors (Webster certified)
Dr. Bennett Westminster, MD
Dr. Laura Dover Towson, MD
Dr. Sharon Dongarra Baltimore, MD
Dr. Pam Woodward Baltimore, MD
Dr. Tricia Lehocky White Marsh, MD

Dr. Baron  Ellicott City, MD
Dr. Kat Kadin  Rockville, MD 
Dr. Mariella Young  Rockville, MD 
Dr. Samantha Mohne  Elkridge, MD
Dr. Byrant Harris   Dr Bryant Harris – Annapolis MD 
Dr. Block  Burtonsville, MD

Online counseling E-Therapy
Dr. Judi Sprei  Bethesda, MD 
Parenting Works Baltimore MD
Nyle MacFarlane – OT  Takoma Park, MD
Emily Griffin NW Washington DC
Sara Nett Towson, MD
Alison L. Miller Lutherville, MD

Birth Doulas 
MaryBeth Nance Harford County, MD
Becky Rohrback  Baltimore, MD
Jenny Corbett Silver Spring, MD
Rose Quintilian– Rockville, MD
Meredith Dew Baltimore, MD
Bethany Thomas Annapolis, MD, and Washington, DC

Cherie Correlli – Baltimore, MD
Carling Sothoron – Baltimore, MD

Postpartum Doulas 
Diane Kyle (410) 882-0109 – Baltimore, MD
Becky Rohrback  Baltimore, MD
Metropolitan Doulas Washington, DC
Labor & Lullabies Baltimore, MD 

Osteopathic Physician
Crossings Healing – Silver Spring, MD

Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC)
Katy Linda – Baltimore, MD
Ann Faust – Columbia, MD
Breastfeeding Center –  Washington, DC
Metropolitan Breastfeeding – Bethesda, MD
Carolina Pimenta – Ellicott City, MD
Austin Rees – Baltimore, MD

Massage Therapists
Jessie Bernstein Greater Baltimore, MD
Darlene Bergener Columbia, MD
My prenatal massage Washington DC 

Massage (Class: infant massage)
Jessie Bernstein Baltimore, MD

Stefanie Harrington Washington, DC
Natalie Lane Photography – Westminster, MD
Mischa Bolton Photography – Rocksville, MD
Devon Roe – North VA
Melanie Berkheimer – Southern PA
Rebecca Wyatt – Baltimore, MD
Jessica Watts – Baltimore, MD
Jill Mills – Pasadena, MD
Juliette Fradin – Hyattsville, MD
Heidi Daniels – Washington, DC

The Birth Hour
Birthful Podcast
Evidence Based Birth

Prenatal Yoga
Darlene Bergener – Columbia, MD
Lily Dwyer Begg – Baltimore, MD
Lorien Yoga – Baltimore, MD
NIlajah Brown – Baltimore, MD
Michelle Cohen –  Washington, DC

Prenatal and Postpartum Depression
Dr. Sarah Chisholm-Stockard, PhD Towson, MD
Gretchen Forbes, LCMFT Padonia, MD
Valerie R. McManus, LCSW-C, Ellicott City, MD
Sara Nett, Psy. D Baltimore, MD
Alison Miller, Psy. D Lutherville, MD

Women’s Health Physical Therapy (and Pediatric)
Dr. Sam DuFlo Baltimore, MD
Dr Molly Gittins Baltimore, MD
Dr. Erica Adams  Millersville, MD
Breakaway Physical Therapy LLC Crofton, MD
Tavo Total Health Silver Spring, MD
Restore Motion Rockville, MD
Her Health PT Columbia, MD

Hospitals – Labor and Deliver
UM St. Joseph Medical Center 7601 Osler Drive, 3 West Towson, Maryland 21204 – 410-337-1341
St Agnes Hospital 900 South Caton Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21229 – 667-234-6000
6701 N. Charles St. Towson, MD 21204 – 443-849-2597
Sinai Hospital 2401 W. Belvedere Ave. Baltimore, MD 21215
UM BWMC  301 Hospital Drive, Glen Burnie, MD 21061 – 410-787-4600

Freestanding Birth Centers
Special Beginnings Birth and Women’s Center 1454 Baltimore-Annapolis – 410-626-8982
Bay Area Midwifery Birth Center Anne Arundel Medical Center –
2003 Medical Parkway, Wayson Pavilion Suite G50, AnnapolisMD 21401 – 443-481-4400

More Resources
Spinning Babies Easy childbirth with fetal positioning
Lamaze International for Parents
Maryland Birth Network Greater Baltimore, MD
Birth Options Alliance DC and Maryland
DONA International Doulas organization
DoulaMatch Doulas

La Leche League International Breastfeeding
KellyMom Evidence-based breastfeeding and parenting
Baby Center Pregnancy and parenting

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City of Baltimore, MD 
Visit Baltimore, MD
Maryland Office of Tourism 
Baltimore Sun
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date fruits in a white and blue blow
Source: The effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on labor and delivery

Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid, Jordan.
Al-Kuran O, Al-Mehaisen L, Bawadi H, Beitawi S, Amarin Z.

Abstract: “The effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on labor and delivery”

We set out to investigate the effect of date fruit (Phoenix dactylifera) consumption on labor parameters and delivery outcomes. Between 1 February 2007 and 31 January 2008 at Jordan University of Science and Technology, a prospective study was carried out on 69 women who consumed six date fruits per day for 4 weeks prior to their estimated date of delivery, compared with 45 women who consumed none. There was no significant difference in gestational age, age and parity between the two groups. The women who consumed date fruit had significantly higher mean cervical dilatation upon admission compared with the non-date fruit consumers (3.52 cm vs 2.02 cm, p < 0.0005), and a significantly higher proportion of intact membranes (83% vs 60%, p = 0.007). Spontaneous labor occurred in 96% of those who consumed dates, compared with 79% women in the non-date fruit consumers (p = 0.024). Use of prostin/oxytocin was significantly lower in women who consumed dates (28%), compared with the non-date fruit consumers (47%) (p = 0.036). The mean latent phase of the first stage of labor was shorter in women who consumed date fruit compared with the non-date fruit consumers (510 min vs 906 min, p = 0.044). It is concluded that the consumption of date fruit in the last 4 weeks before labour significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labour, and produced a more favourable, but non-significant, delivery outcome. The results warrant a randomised controlled trial.

Date fruit for labor

Date fruit