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Updated Services Covid-19 - Babies are still being born!
Safe Doula Services & Birthing Classes

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My regular services are still available  
However non essential in-person visits are done virtually
All my classes are now live, interactive and online

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NEW! Virtual and "A La Carte" Birth Doula Services
Live Interactive Birthing Classes

Baby Sidney

Virtual Birth Doula? Yes please ... It works!

“Odile helped us to prepare the best way possible.  Our birth/postpartum plans dramatically changed during the pandemic. She helped us to lessen our anxiety! We felt empowered and ready.

During the birth of our son, she remained available 24/7, virtually interacting with us. She provided essential suggestions and positioning recommendations. She helped us to communicate with the staff and offered much-needed words of encouragement and reassurance. Odile was our primary postpartum resource.

We couldn’t have done it without her!” – Sara

A virtual birth doula provides professional, and compassionate support for the person in labor and the partner.  The option is perfect for the families who don’t necessarily want or can access to the physical support during the birth of their baby.

I spend extra time during the pregnancy to help my clients to prepare and I share with them my doula’s skills and tips.

Phone, text and email support throughout pregnancy
Extended childbirth preparation for partner
Two virtual prenatal visits
On call and early labor assistant
Labor support (Text, phone, email, zoom, FaceTime, Skype)
Personalized postpartum support

Safely, in the comfort of you own home. Personalized and customized private classes using Zoom:

Baby Care
Comfort measures
Breastfeeding /chestfeeding




Odile's Resources

Evidence-Based Birth Understand evidence-based information and studies 
World Health Organization Q&A on COVID-19, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding
CDC Coronavirus Disease and breastfeeding
Kellymom Covid-19: Current recommendations at a glance
ACOG Coronavirus, pregnancy, and breastfeeding: a message for patients 
AAP recommends keeping COVID-positive birthing people with their newborns

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