Hello, my name is Odile

I’m a doula, a childbirth educator
and a placenta encapsulation specialist

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Odile (Pronounced “Oh-deel”) Penet is the owner of My Birth Companion, LLC, a certified childbirth doula (DONA International) , a postpartum doula/baby nurse (IFSI, France), a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, a certified self-hypnosis for childbirth instructor, and a placenta encapsulation specialist (Placenta Benefits Info.).  Odile proudly serves Baltimore, MD, Washington, D.C., Annapolis, MD and York, PA families.  She is also the facilitator for the Positive Birth Movement (PBM Baltimore). 

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She has been serving families for the last 20 years (more than 600      families) in France and in the US.  In  Maryland, as a birth doula, she has supported more than 350 birthsnatural, medicated, high-risk pregnancy, multiples, and VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery.  She is certified in France and in the United States of America. As a result, she has experience with prenatal support, birth, and postpartum support.  Odile provides support at her clients birthing location of choice: hospital, birth centers, and at home.

In addition, on a personal note, she is the mother of two young adults, Caroline and Chris. She is a French and American citizen and lives in the Baltimore area with her husband, Frank.  She is a French native speaker and can provide her services in English and in French. Finally, some of her favorite hobbies include family time, reading at the beach, traveling, swimming, teaching French, practicing yoga and sophrology.  She enjoys live music and petting her cats.

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“I  serve and support families regardless of their cultural and spiritual background and I proudly support the LGBTQ+ community and I use inclusive language. During the past decades, I have supported polyamorous families, intended parents, surrogate, single parent, etc. Also, I offer support to families suffering from addiction and in recovery”.  All are welcome and safe here – Odile

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Training and Certifications
DONA International 2009
Lamaze International 2013
IFSI (France) 1999
Placenta Benefits Info 2012
Rebozo for Doulas 2011
Spinning Babies 2014
Tens Unit for Labor 2016
Lactation Support 1999
Comforting Touch for Doulas 2013
Aromatherapy 2013
Mind+Body Birth 2017 
Sophrology 2017
Reiki 2015 
Certified Medical Interpreter 2010
CPR certified
Evidence-Based Birth Academy 2019

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” I cannot recommend Odile enough as a doula. She is the perfect blend of professionalism and personal touch! I cherish having found her and will always consider her a friend. ” – Kolleen
Frequently Asked Questions about Doulas

Do doulas deliver babies? 
They don’t catch babies.  They are not medical professionals and they don’t provide medical care.  However, they provide invaluable educational, physical and emotional support.

I want an epidural, do I still need a doula? 
The doula’s goal is to support families to have a safe, pleasant, and empowering birthing experience. She cares that their clients have options.  A birth doula provides evidence-based information so the birthing parents can make informed decisions.  A birthing doula will optimize your chances of a vaginal birth even if you opt for an epidural.  She is trained in using safe labor positions and coping techniques during medicalized birth. 

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Your local resources 
Maryland Birth Network
Birth Options Alliance

My Doula Resources – My “Go-To”  
Evidence-Based Birth Understand evidence-based information and studies 

Spinning Babies Improve and understand the fetal position
MamasteFit Research-based program workouts and movements
Sophrology The science of consciousness in harmony
Improving Birth Inform, Support, Engage and Empower

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