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Doula and childbirth educator

Doula and childbirth educator


Offering a supportive, non-judgmental and respectful approach to birth & parenting

About Odile:

Odile (pronounced ” oh-DEEL”) is the owner of My Birth Companion, LLC. She provides Doula Childirth Classes and Placenta Pills services.  She is a certified birth doula (DONA International), a postpartum doula, a baby nurse,newborn specialist (IFSI, France), a certified childbirth educator (Lamaze International), a Mind+Body Birth self-hypnosis instructor and also a placenta encapsulation specialist (PBi).

She has been serving families for the last 20 years (more than 600 families) in France and in the US. She has been serving famiies in Baltimore, MD and Maryland for 11 years (more than 400 families). As a result, she has experience with prenatal support, birth, and postpartum care. She supports natural, medicated, high-risk, water-birth, cesarean births, multiples and VBAC births and families. She is certified in France and in the United States.  In addition, she is certified in early childhood education, and a certified medical translator (Johns Hopkins Hospital).  Furthermore, she is a certified Sophrologist (mindfulness and well-being program) and a hypnosis specialist (Mind+Body Birth).

In addition, on a personal note, she is the mother of two young adults. She is a French native speaker and can provide her services in English and in French. Finally, some of her favorite hobbies include family time, reading at the beach, traveling, swimming, practicing yoga & sophrology, and petting her cats.

I  serve and support families regardless of their cultural and spiritual background and I proudly support the LGBTQ+ community and I use inclusive language. During the past decades, I have supported polyamorous families, intended parents, surrogate, single parent, etc. Also, I offer support to families suffering from addiction and in recovery.
All are welcome and safe here

Doula, placenta encapsulation, childbirth classes

Trainings and Certifications

DONA International
Lamaze International
Placenta Benefits Info
Rebozo for Doulas
Spinning Babies
Tens Unit for Labor
Lactation Support
Comforting Touch for Doulas
Mind+Body Birth
Certified Medical Interpreter
CPR certified

Doula and childbirth educator

We proudly provide Doula Childbirth Classes and Placenta Pills services in Baltimore, MD, Surrounding Counties, Annapolis, MD, Washington D.C. and York, PA

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