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Learn what hospital classes won’t tell you!
Most insurance companies will provide reimbursement
Parents-to-be will learn in a fun and professional atmosphere

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Promoting a normal and natural approach that alleviates a woman’s fear and helps her manage pain. Empowering women and families to make their own choices for a safe and healthy experience.


Testimonial: “Thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge with my partner and I. He especially is feeling more confident and prepared, and his confidence is contagious. I feel calm and ready, and just a little eager.”


We can provide education to all expecting parents, regardless of their birthing place (hospital, birth center and homebirth) and of their birth preferences (natural, medicated and cesarean births).  Travel fee may apply, depending on your location

Childbirth 101 (8 hour) – Lamaze
Getting ready for childbirth – Stages of labor – Evidenced-based options – Comfort measures for labor (breathing/relaxation techniques, positioning) – Writing out your birth preference

-$295 (Text Book Included) per couple – CONTACT

Comfort Measures for Labor (4 hours) – Lamaze
Demystify and understand childbirth pain – Create a favorable and positive environment – Individualized breathing and relaxation techniques – Partner support (personalized for your partner/support person) – Affirmations for labor – Positioning and movement – How to use a birthing ball   – Massages and touch – Labor rehearsal  – BONUS: Doulas’ tricks!

– $195 (Text Book Included) per couple – CONTACT

Mindfulness Techniques (1.5 hour) – Mindfulness
Basic mindfulness breathing techniques and visualizations – Create a safe place – Easy self-sufficient coping tools using mindfulness and sophrology techniques.
– $90 – This is a one -on-one session for the pregnant person only – – CONTACT

Gentle and Easy Self-Hypnosis for Childbirth (4 sessions) – Mind+Body Birth
A series designed to learn self-hypnosis tools to tap into the cellular wisdom of your body, relax profoundly, release pain, and enjoy your baby’s birth. Through experiential sessions, you will learn:  
How hypnosis works; Self-hypnosis; How to find your “safe place”; Progressive relaxation; Anatomy and physiology of labor and birth; Fear and worry release; Grounding; Affirmations for birth; How to numb pain through directed anesthesia and other techniques; Guided imagery for the most empowering birth possible.  Odile Penet is not a certified hypno-therapist.  She is certified with Mind+Body Birth
-$375 (materials including)- This series is designed for the pregnant person only

Prenatal Sophrology – #1 Preparation Method in Europe! (6 sessions)
Sophrology is a well-being and mindfulness program widely used in Europe and JapanIt is the study of “Consciousness in Harmony”.  Prepare for labor and learn lifetime tools for well-being!
You will learn how to create inner confidence and strength through a series of gentle movements and mentally simple exercises. Sophrology exercises are easy to do and can be practiced anytime, anywhere during the day.  They combine breathing techniques, deep relaxation, visualizations, reframing thoughts, replacing negativity with positivity and self-sufficient coping techniques. 
-$410 ­(materials including) This series is designed for the pregnant person only

Newborns & Postpartum Recovery (3 hours) – My Birth Companion, LLC
Preparing for baby – Last weeks of pregnancy – The first hours of life – Introduction to breastfeeding – New mother and her postpartum recovery – First days at home –  Baby-wearing – Diapering –  Swaddling – Soothing (the 5 S’s from « The Happiest Baby on The Block »)- Feeding options, Burping, etc. This class isn’t a breastfeeding class.  This class doesn’t cover any car seat nor infant CPR information.
-$175 per couple – – CONTACT


Option 7:  Pregnancy, childbirth, VBAC, breastfeeding an parenting
Parents are able to learn at their own pace and access the classes anytime from any device.  Online classes provide interactive content designed for an engaging learning experience to prepare you for birth and beyond! FREE video tour and easy access

Option 8Supporting Her (2 hours – Online class)
BIRTH PARTNERS:  You will learn directly from doulas and childbirth educators, techniques and tips to become the perfect birth partner!  FREE C
lass presentation HERE (Video) – Easy access here 
-$49 – Every birth partner should take this class


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