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From Lamaze to hypnobirthing, we have a class for you!

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About Odile


⇒ In-person group classes at The Womb RoomBaltimore
⇒  Easy access and free parking 
⇒  FSA/HSA and insurance reimbursement eligible

Holistic Childbirth Series: 2.5 hours sessions for six weeks.
Holistic Essentials: one-day class: 7 hours
Zenful Birth™: Mindfulness for childbirth: 2 hours
Postpartum and Baby Basics: 2.5 hours

Certified childbirth educators: Lamaze, Spinning Babies, hypnobirthing, etc

Cost, dates,and registration: Contact me!



Childbirth Classes Your birth essiantals

⇒ Virtual:
3 sessions (3 hours each) virtual sessions: $395/couple 
⇒ In-person:
 2 sessions (3 hours each) virtual sessions AND one in-person session (3 hours at your home): $445/couple 
⇒Textbook included 
⇒ FSA/HSA and insurance reimbursement eligible

Childbirth class designed for first-time parents and vbac families.  Topics include:

• Session #1: Zoom 3 hours: Prepare for birth; stages of labor; medical interventions and communication with your team.

• Session #2: Zoom or in-person 3 hours:  Comfort measures, partner preparation and birth planning

• Session #3: Zoom 2 hours:  Postpartum recovery and baby basics

Certified and trained childbirth educator: Lamaze, Spinning Babies, hypnobirthing, etc.




Comfort measures for labor



⇒ Virtual private class: $235/couple
⇒ In-person private class (your place): $310/couple 
⇒Textbook included 
⇒ FSA/HSA and insurance reimbursement eligible

A hands-on mini workshop that will educate and prepare you to cope during childbirth.  Customized to your birth location and visions.  Topics include:

One session: 
•Childbirth overview
•Medical interventions
• How to support a laboring person 
• Create a positive environment 
• Breathing and relaxation techniques
• Partner support
• Affirmations for labor
• Positioning and movement
• How to use a birthing ball
• Massages and touch
• Doula’s tricks!


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⇒ One virtual session (60-90 mins) materials included. $125/pregnant person only. 
⇒ FSA/HSA and insurance reimbursement eligible

•Prepare your mind for an empowering birth and build mental confidence!

One session: 
• Understand mindfulness
• Visualisations
• Breath-work
• Guided meditation
• Affirmations
• Hypnobirth

• The instructor is a certified sophrologist (number #1 childbirth preparation method in France).
• The instructor is not a hypnotherapist but she is certified with Mind+Body Birth



⇒ Hypnosis is science-based and it works in childbirth! No previous experience needed
⇒ Four virtual sessions (60 mins) materials included. $295/pregnant person only 

Materials included

⇒ FSA/HSA and insurance reimbursement eligible


A series designed to learn self-hypnosis tools to tap into the cellular wisdom of your body, relax profoundly, release pain, and feel confident for your baby’s birth:

• Easier than the Mongan method and Hypnobabies
• Identify your safe place, comfort color, positive affirmation, remove negativity, progressive relaxation, etc 
• Learn out to numb the pain through directed anesthesia and other techniques 
• Guided imagery for the most empowering birth possible 
• The instructor is not a hypnotherapist but she is certified with Mind+Body Birth. 
• This series is designed for the pregnant person only (partner is encouraged to join the last session).
• Doula’s tricks


⇒ Three Zoom private sessions $395/couple
⇒ Two Zoom sessions AND one in-person private session (your home): $445/couple

Textbook included

⇒ FSA/HSA and insurance reimbursement eligible

Ideal for homebirth and birth center families!

• Prepare for a physiological birth 
• Learn about Spinning Babies and the Miles Circuit
• Identify your (and your family) unique needs and preferences
• Demystify and understand childbirth pain
• Create a favorable and positive environment
• Breathing and relaxation techniques
• Partner support
• Affirmations for labor
• Positioning and movements
• How to use a birthing ball and a peanut ball
• Massages and touch
• What if you had to transfer
• Doula’s tricks! 


About Odile My Birth Companion

  Odile Penet  CD(DONA), LCCE

  • Certified Lamaze Educator
  • Certified Mind+Body Birth (hypnosis method)
  • Certified Sophrologist (well-being program)
  • Certified Newborn Care Specialist
  • Founder of My Birth Companion, LLC and Zenful Birth™

“Families will have increased confidence in their ability to give birth and be able to make
confident and informed decisions throughout pregnancy and early parenting.”
Lamaze International

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Baltimore , MD  – Greater Baltimore and  Nationwide