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What is a doula?

A doula is an experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the person in labor before, during and just after birth for expecting and new parents. As a result, studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labors are shorter.  Consequently, there are fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. ACOG recommends doulas

Did you know?

Our services might be reimbursed by your FSA/HSA.
Available payment plans and gift certificates can be purchased as a Baby Shower gift.
You can add any of my services to your customized Baby Registry BabyList or BluePrint Registry

I support Hospital, Birth Centers and Homebirth families 
I support Natural, Medicated, VBAC, and C-section Births

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Birth Doula Services by Odile

Doula services Odile providing doula support

  • A FREE interview
  • Unlimited access to your doula during pregnancy (emails, texts, phone calls) 
  • Resources and information to get your birth, and postpartum ready!
  • A FREE access an online class for partners: the Supporting Her program 
  • One in-home prenatal visit
  • Assistance with identifying your birth preferences/vision (“birth plan”)
  • Provide referrals as needed
  • On-call from 38 to 42 weeks (I will attend the birth prior to 38 weeks, depending on my availability.  However, clients in their call window have priority)
  • Continuous doula support at home and at your chosen birthing place, up to two hours after the birth
  • Partner support: help him/her to become involved to the extent he/she feels comfortable 
  • A FREE TENS Unit rental (value $70) TENS Unit for labor 
  • Assisting with basic photos or videos
  • Professional back up doula (option to talk to her during your pregnancy)
  • Initial breastfeeding assistance and support
  • One in-home postpartum visit
  • Up to six-week postpartum support (phone, emails) 
  • Non-medical surgical recovery support at home
  • Package Fee (including one online class and TENS rental): $1,185 (driving fee may apply) – 10% off on one of our childbirth classes – $25 off our placenta encapsulation services

Experienced with families using: The Bradley Method, Birthing from Within, Lamaze International, Mind+Body Birth, Hypnobirthing, Hypnobabies, Blissborn, Sophrology and… their own instinct!

Postpartum Doula Services by Odile

  • A professional postpartum doula that supports and empowers new parents while they enjoy the first weeks and months with their baby. Services are personalized to meet the needs of each family.
  • Knowledgeable support for newborns and babies
  • Breastfeeding assistance
  • Tips for soothing crying babies
  • Non-medical surgical recovery care at home for mom
  • Multiples, adoption, surrogacy, and special needs
  • Light housekeeping
  • Errand running and shopping
  • Simple meal preparation
  • Informational support
  • Compassionate understanding of pregnancy and postpartum hormonal shifts
  • Nursery set up
  • Organizational suggestions
  • Phone and email support
  • Service fee: $32-$40/hour 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Doulas

Why should I take childbirth education and other preparation if I hire a doula?

Expecting and birthing families have more empowered birth experiences when they are physically, and emotionally prepared for the birthing process – This is why we encouraged our clients to get educated. As a result, families are encouraged to find a class that meets their expectations.

What are the benefits of having a doula, if I have a C-section? 

A C-section birth is a birth! So even in a surgical setting, a doula is there to support, encourage, reassure, and guide a family through the procedure.  The doula assists the new parents during recovery and provides help with bonding and feeding.  In some cases, a doula may be allowed in the operating room.

When should I hire a doula? 

It’s never too early nor too late to hire a doula! However, we recommend you hire your doula during your second trimester.  You could then benefit from her support and educational resources as you prepare for childbirth.  It would also give you plenty of time to get to know her and build a unique relationship.

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