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Breastfeeding – Odile’s Resources How to do hand expression – HERE First feeding right: The breast crawl – HERE   Deep latch technique Basics – HERE The Thumb Up technique  – HEREVisual – HERE   Pillow –  HERE   Books The womanly art of breastfeeding – Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, and Teresa Pitman Ina May’s guide to breastfeeding […]

Partners and Doulas: Key Players on Mother’s Labor Support Team

Spinning Babies and the Miles Circuit

There was a time when expectant fathers (partners) were portrayed as anxious, floor-pacing, cigarsmoking men who were tolerated in hospital corridors until the long-awaited moment when a nurse or doctor would announce they were the proud father (“partner”) of a daughter or a son. Today’s expectant fathers are different.


TENS Unit for childbirth

TENS is a safe non-drug method of pain control for labor

Your Local Resources

Baltimore and Maryland birth workers directory

This is a list of your Baltimore, Annapolis and D.C. birth professionals – Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding and parenting.