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Spinning Babies and the Miles Circuit

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Easier birth with Spinning Babies and the Miles Circuit

Expecting parents, as you are getting ready for childbirth, you may have heard about Spinning Babies and the Miles Circuit. Those two programs have the same goal but they have different use during the stages of childbirth: Easier birth. Optimal fetal position. In addition, reduce the chance of cesarean.

If you want to learn more about, ask your doula or your childbirth educator, to teach you the knots and blots and the safety rules.

Spinning Babies

Easier childbirth with fetal optimal positioning. You might improve fetal position (breech, transverse, posterior) and birth. As a result, you could reduce the chance of cesarean births.

We are trained with Spinning Babies and we took their Spinning Babies for birth workers twice. Consequently, we are happy to teach safely teach you those techniques.  Website

The Miles Circuit

This program is designed to possibly turn a malpositioned baby during childbirth if the pregnant person is having back labor. Different positions are used during childbirth to help ensure your baby is in an excellent position. The circuit can be used to promote regular contractions when or if childbirth that has gotten erratic or has slowed down.  Website

Spinning Babies - A Success Story with Odile

“A few months ago, I was the birth doula for S. She was a 36-year-old low- risk pregnancy primigravida and a routine runner.  S. planned on birthing at the hospital with CNMs.  She had an excellent diet (vegetarian), and she exercised regularly during her pregnancy.   I introduced her to chiropractic care for pregnancy and Spinning Babies.  She practiced the “Three Sisters” with her husband’s support during her pregnancy. 

S. woke up with a slow amniotic fluid leak at 39w+5.  She checked in L&D later that day (GBS+) with no contractions.  She walked for hours, used the birthing ball and rested as needed. Pitocin started at 8 pm with no cervical exam performed.  She looked like he was in active labor around 11 pm. The baby seemed to be on her mother’s left side. S was having strong and regular contractions. She was shaking, working hard, and using her coping techniques beautifully.  It looked very promising! To everyone’s surprise, she was 1cm 80% and -2 station when she asked to be checked at 11 pm. 

Suddenly, I felt like her labor wanted to progress but that “something” was holding her back.  I had in mind that she was a runner and probably had a tight pelvic floor. S. and her husband embraced my suggestions of doing a side-lying release combined with a feet massage (she tolerated only one release on each side, but that was already amazing that she did it!) – Dip the Hip – A couple of deep stretches with the squat bar (flatting and stretching her back). Her labor picked up with a more manageable pattern and her baby dropped to 0 station within 90 mins (She was 6cm). S. safely met her baby at 7:10 am with no other medical interventions. The baby was born with a compound presentation.” – Odile Penet CD(DONA), LCCE

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